Few reasons: why clients do not prefer agencies

We all know that we should be client-centric in our dealings if we want to establish good relationships and deliver true value in the eyes of the client. Part of that is understanding the common problems or small annoyances clients have with agencies.

If you know about these hassles and perceptions ahead of time, it brings new awareness to how you deal with customers and the structures you put in place to keep them happy. I have listed some of the common problems that clients ponder about Digital service agencies.

1. Engaging clients more often

a.) The client may be a technophobe, the Agency should not say that “Kindly check the proposal” or “suggest us relevant technology”. The better approach can be to schedule a call and discuss all aspects of engagement and also assist your client with the best solution regarding Tech stacks, project tenure, payment methods, etc. Do not postpone these type of tasks to client’s diary.

b.) Sometimes, the client has other works to do and they do not want to make themselves available to project discussions. Agency should not contact/reach more often to the client for every update/issue. the Agency can finalize a day in a week for these types of discussions.

2. Boasting a wide range of service

For an IT service agency, It’s never a good idea to just say “sure, we can do that” when you really have no idea where you’ll start to get it done. Your client wants to hire an expert who can turn out quality work, not wait while you bumble around figuring it out.

This over expectations of clients leads to negative results.

when you boast of providing all services from designing, development, Marketing, printing, etc. and you do not have proper resources at an instant then it either leads to extension in project tenure or inappropriate delivery of the project.

The solution is to be specific with your niche services.

3. Communication Gap

The communication Gap is contrary to the first point. But never let the client say, that the agency is not listening to our views/suggestions. Agency should not over-communicate but must inform all progress from time to time. For an offshore/remote service provider, the project manager is necessary as a first contact point for clients. It is required that the communication should be done in a proper way through a project management tool such as Zira, Slack, Asana, Trello, etc.

It generates a feeling of trust among clients.

4. Unreasonable pricing

The clients may not be aware of the digital service industry, but in order to maintain an honest professional work culture; the agency should not quote a price in an ambiguous manner. The effort estimate should be explicit and each commercials breakout should be explained to clients. Also, let them know what you have the upper hand against your competitor company. Because If the proposed price is high/irrelevant for clients, they are likely to approach your rival agency.

These are the common problems that clients face or distance themselves to engage with digital service agencies. The clients ultimately need:

  • Trust to work together
  • The given project will be completed successfully.
  • Work together at a reasonable price.

As an agency, it’s important to be aware of these common problems that customers have with agencies, also that they may be coming to you with preconceptions of these types of problems occurring.

Customer-centricity is a very noble pursuit.

Originally published at Linkedin.com.



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